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PSJA Early Start Pre-K School

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Welcome to PSJA Early Start Pre-K School! I strongly believe that school-age children deserve a safe, supportive environment, which encourages a love of learning as well as a love for human beings. This environment should include a place to relax indoors, outdoors, be with friends, learn and discover new things etc...Within this environment, there should be friendly qualified staff that recognizes and respects the rights and individual needs of each child and strives to make their experiences successful. What children do in that environment should be age-appropriate but challenging, geared for the school-age child who is able to work independently as well as cooperatively in small groups and large groups.

I want the staff to be able to help each child be interested in exploring the "how" and "why" behind the way things work; to guide children in expressing their feelings and to make choices about how they spend their time in the classroom. Whether running outdoors, reading or coloring in a quiet space. Children need to realize that the choice they make will affect both themselves and the individuals around them the rest of their lives. It is in our student’s best interest that we as educators, do our best to prepare students to make choices, which will help them, become productive, responsible, and successful citizens of our school and community. Have a great year!

Ms. Yvette Mancillas,

Ms. Angelica Leal,